Dolly Dash Sale 9/3- 9/9

Its that time of the week again! Actually it’s past time only a couple more days left for this weeks sales! Stop by and visit these AMAZING 7 stores.

*Blue Blood* Steel Rose in Red

*Dilly Dolls* Emilie Fatpack

*Sakura’s Originals* Pockeh Doll Key Set

*The Doll Emporium* Tiffany Tutu Outfit in Blue

*Indigo Oddities* Serenade

*Wretched Dollies* Nine9 Leather

*Malfean Visions* Gothdoll (purple) Cyberina (purple & pink) Giovanni Key Fatpack


Wretched Dollies : Lyllionia Rerelease

ZOMG! Star has totally put me in the mood for Halloween! She recently remade a already cute dress AND when you buy it you get both versions now! *squee* Its super cute and makes me want to twirl around.

Dolly Dash 8/27 – 9/2

Morning Dollies! Wake up, wake up, wake up! It’s time to shop! Lots of goodies out for you today and ALL week!

*Absentia* ALL giftcards!!! 1/2 off *squee*

*Dilly Dolls* Mandy Light Fatpack

*Pinkmares* Autumn

*Jenna’s Whimsey* Razzberry Tea Dolly

Dolly Dash Sale 8/20 – 8/26

Oh My God, seriously OMG so much cute stuff! YAY! 5 super cute awesome stores with lots of goodies out for us!

*The Delectable Doll* Simple Love in Teal, Pink and Purple

*Wretched Dollies* White Wedding Sets

*Bad Juju* Shanghai Digidoll Hair

*Filthy Things* Sassy in Purple, Gray and Red

*Stormy’s Sensual Design* Vendor Rose Blue

Dolly Dash Sale 8/13- 8/19

Hey Dollies! So this has been a super busy weekend and start of the week for me- so I’m late getting this post out to you- BUT since sales are a week long now- there is still plenty of time to go grabs some goodies! I went a little overboard this week and here is just a small sampling of the items- I’m only showing one color but most have multiple colors out- so be sure to check the NC carefully!

*Delectable Doll* Dia in Blue
*Bad Juju* Bitten boots in Onyx

*Gothic Passionate Dreams* Fawn Dollie in Green
*Bad Juju* Bitten boots in Onyx

*Wretched Dollies* Summer Sue in Pink

*Sakura’s Original’s* Dolly Display Globe

Wretched Dollies: White Wedding

White Wedding

Wretched Dollies has a gorgeous new release: White Wedding, so now thanks to Star I have Billy Idol stuck in my head but more importantly I have a closet full of BEAUTIFUL dresses and sexy lingerie. The entire collection contains 3 corset sets, 3 skirts, 2 pairs of heels, lacy masks and skins!Get one set or get the entire collection. Seriously you have to see this, go down to the store, there’s one on display. The fabric is so rich, the lace so delicate and the detailing is AMAZING! Oooo the heels? One set pre-tinted to match the Wedding skins perfectly and the other has a hud to match to any other skin you wanna wear. As a special bonus the masks come in white and black, with and without the cute little hair bows.

*White Wedding*

*White Wedding Silky*

*White Wedding Sexy Add on, Lace Mask, Lavender Starshine Skin*

Let’s Start A Riot

The first of out hopefully weekly riot parties happened last night here is just a small sampling of the goodies that were up for grabs for major cheapo. Mondays 6pm SLT – don’t miss the next one. P.S. I’m only blogging one color per fatpack- I’m sleepeh!

*Bad Juju* Goodnight Moon Dolly Key
*Delectable Doll* Fancy in Black
*Absentia* Lazy Daisy Key Fatpack

*Indigo Oddities* Dress X

*Dilly Dolls* Lola Fatpack

*Malfean Visions* Priest Boots in Red and Gothica Miniskirt fatpack