Saturday Sale 7/23/11

OMG its a super awesome amazing sale this weekend! So any cute thing that I want to get get and I know you will too! We’ve got some brand spanking new releases and some old favorites in the mix.

Absentia- Lazy Daisy- Individual Colors and Fatpak!

Pinkmares- Woodles

The Delectable Doll- Individual Colors and Fatpack

The Doll Emporium – Sailorsteampunk in Mercury and Jupiter

Wretched Dollies – Fifi ala Mode

Bad Juju – Cyberpunk Skin- Fuchsia

~*Featured Store*~
Jenna’s Whimsey – Blue and Pink Dollies

Jenna has two little cuties on sale this week! I love the big poofy skirt, it flows and swirls around you really pretty when you walk. The dress has a cute corseted overall inspired layer that be taken off for a sexy midriff bearing dolly dress. Take a peek at the picks below (hehehee) and see how cute these are for your self!


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